Date : Tue, 01 Aug 2017 - Sat, 30 Sep 2017 Last Date of Registration : Mon, 31 Jul 2017
No. of Classes/ Sessions : 12 Total Hours : 24 Hours
Duration : 1.5 month Time : 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Category : IT and Technology
Resource Person
Associate Resource Person

Training Details

Start Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2017
Last Date of Registration: Mon, 31 Jul 2017
Training Fee: 7000.00
Vanue: Bangladesh Skill Development (BSDI) House # 2B, Road # 12 Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh

Who Can Attend?

Student, Fresh Graduate; Office executive


Computer based, Interactive Lecture, Power Point Presentation, Case Study, Group Work, handout etc.

Special Note

Certificate awarded by Australian Academy of Business Leadership

Training on Word Press Essentials
Objective of this Training

After coming on the WordPress course you will be able to:

  • Set up Web Hosting and Download and Install WordPress
  • Configure Standard or Custom WordPress Templates
  • Build, Administer and Update a Website or Blog using WordPress
  • Add and configure WordPress Plug-ins and Widgets
  • Manage Users and WordPress Site Administration

Training Overview & Outline

HTML Basics

  • Install Source Code Editor Software (Notepad++)
  • What is HTML
  • HTML Tags (Head, Body and Title)
  • HTML Headings
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • HTML Links
  • HTML Images
  • HTML Line Breaks
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Unordered Lists
  • HTML Ordered Lists
  • HTML Definition Lists
  • HTML Forms and Input
  • HTML Marquee Tag

About WordPress:

  • Getting to Know WordPress
  • What is WordPress
  • WordPress,, and What is the difference
  • Install Xampp and WordPress
  • Installing Xampp Server
  • Installing and running WordPress

Getting Started with WordPress:

  • Accessing your WordPress site
  • Using the WordPress Dashboard
  • Using the WordPress toolbar
  • About Posts
  • Understanding the difference between posts and pages
  • Creating a new post
  • Using categories and tags
  • Advanced text formatting
  • Creating and managing links

Advanced Post Settings:

  • Adding images
  • Adding an image gallery
  • Using Featured Image
  • Adding images from external sources
  • Adding media from YouTube and other services through Embed
  • Comparing and restoring old versions with Revisions
  • Publishing posts
  • Using the More tag and excerpts
  • Defining post formats

Creating Pages and Managing Content:

  • Creating Pages
  • Creating a basic page
  • Using page templates
  • Organizing page hierarchy
  • Managing Content
  • Navigating the Dashboard index pages
  • Using Quick Edit
  • Using Bulk Edit
  • Understanding how WordPress handles media content

 Changing the Appearance of Your Site:

  • Selecting and changing themes
  • Using the Theme Customizer
  • Using a custom header image
  • Creating custom menus
  • Using widgets
  • Changing the front page from a blog view to a static page
  • Installing themes from the WordPress Theme Directory
  • Installing custom themes
  • Making sure your WordPress site is mobile-ready

Plugins, Profiles, Users, and Settings:

  • Extending WordPress with Plugins
  • Installing plugins
  • Creating a contact page
  • Adding social media sharing buttons with Add This
  • Learn more about plugins
  • Profiles, Users, and Settings
  • Editing your user profile
  • Creating a Gravatar profile
  • Adding and managing users
  • Understanding user levels
  • Configuring general settings

 Project 1: Concept of Paid Theme & Creating a Website for Your Company:

  • About Paid Themes (Themeforest, TemplateMonster)
  • About the Documentation
  • About Demo Data
  • Installing Paid Theme
  • Importing Demo Data
  • Change the Settings(Reading, Menu, Pages etc)
  • Change the Contents (Graphics, Logo, Text)

 Creating an E-Commerce Website (Part 1):

  • About BoutiqueShop Theme
  • How to Follow The Documentation
  • Install BoutiqueShop Theme
  • About Woo commerce Plugin
  • Installing Woo commerce Plugin
  • Installing Dummy Data
  • Setting up Home Page and Blog Page
  • Creating and Settings Menu
  • Working with Slider and Add Images

 Creating an E-Commerce Website (Part-2):

  • Add Category
  • Add Products
  • Resize Product Image with Photoshop
  • Add Product Category to Menu
  • Discussion with Your Problem


  • cPanel Basics
  • Project Deployment
  • Freelancing Basics


We will provide you 100+ web development eBooks and we will suggest you only 3 or 4 of those to follow.

Video Tutorials

We will provide you the following video tutorials to be a Master in Web Development. All of these are paid tutorials. If you directly buy these from their website, it will cost at least 500 dollar (appx 40, 000 taka). We will provide you these tutorials after finishing the course at free of cost.
1. HTML Essential Training 2012 (lynda)
2. CSS For Developers (lynda)
3. PHP with MySQL essential Training (lynda)
4. PHP Training Videos (DevelopPHP)
5. Photoshop for web Developers (lynda)
6. WordPress Essential Training (lynda)
7. WordPress Template Design (lynda)
8. Joomla Essential Training (lynda)
9. Javascript Essential Training (lynda- on request)